About Us

We want to demystify GDPR and make it manageable for all businesses. We recognise the need for you to take this in your stride, remain compliant and carry on managing your business without disrupting your flow. Our aim has been to make things as simple as possible. Too many business owners have been thrown into despair and we wanted to eliminate the fear.

Therefore, as a new regulation we do expect GDPR to change and be updated. Obviously, an online tool will not solve all the issues. We are also offering:

• Guided support alongside the GDPR tracker
• Regular updates to regulation changes
• Advice based on ICO enforcements
• Access to industry leading GDPR consultants
• Investment in the new tool to develop more features

About the Founder

The GDPR Tracker was founded by Hitesh Mistry who is also the owner of L2W Digital Ltd. He has extensive digital marketing and software project management experience. Having launched a number of digital products over the years, building and getting them to market is his passion.

As a business owner Hitesh understands the complexity of the new GDPR regulations and was determined to make business owners’ lives much easier. As an experience developer of value added products using technology he knew automation would be helpful. Everything he builds has to add value, solve a problem or make a difference to clients.

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Our GDPR Consultants

Our GDPR consultants have worked in data security and document management since 1997 and are ICO registered.
They have worked with over 80 clients including British Airways, the Metropolitan Police, the Ministry of Defence and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) – including international clients too.