Let’s Be Nice, It’s Friday — See Also

NOT TO SOUND LIKE A SNOWFLAKE: But UCLA Law holding finals during a conflagration deserves an F. Staci, who is a classical vase filled with humor and wit, explains.

EVERY YEAR, SOMEBODY TELLS ME BYU LAW IS UNDERRATED: Every year, I think those people are underrating the importance of beer and black people. Kathryn, a taut ball of determination and intellect, has the full list.

DON’T FORGET TO BUY THAT SPECIAL LAWYER IN YOUR LIFE SOMETHING: They’d probably rather have the cash, but buy them a gift anyway. Joe, a scion of reason and grace, has a guide.

IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE: Your school’s bar passage rate isn’t as bad as Litchfield’s was. Staci bends your brain with this intriguing and informative trivia question.

THE EU GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION IS LOOMING: If you don’t know what that means, read this. I’m being so nice right now!

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