Anne Currie on Organizational Tech Ethics, including Scale, GDPR, Algorithmic Transparency

On this podcast, Anne Currie joins the tech ethics discussion started on the Theo Schlossnagle podcast from a few weeks ago. Wes Reisz and Anne discuss issues such as the implications (and responsibilities) of the massive amount of scale we have at our fingertips today, potential effects of GDPR (EU privacy legislation), how accessibility is a an example of how we could approach tech ethics in software, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • Ethics in software today is particularly important because of the scale we have available with cloud native architectures.
  • Accessibility offers a good approach to how we can evolve the discussion on tech ethics with aspects that include both a carrot and a stick.
  • Bitcoin mining power consumption is an example of something we never considered to have such negatives.
  • The key to establishing what we all should and shouldn’t be doing with tech ethics is to start conversations and share our lessons with each other.

Show notes will follow shortly.

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